Tuesday – Saturday | 6.30pm – 9.30pm*

*bookings available between these times



for dinner we have a choice between our short tasting menu, which contains 5 courses, chosen by our chef’s or the tasting menu, serving 7 courses were we point out one ingredient of each course.

in case of any dietary requirements or anything you can’t eat, we are able to adjust our tasting menus. please let us know if you like to have a vegetarian or vegan tasting menu.

short tasting menu 49

wine pairing 39

chef’s choice menu | carte blanche     

tasting menu 69

wine pairing 55

b a y | oyster 

s h o r e | scallops 

s e a | mahi

f a r m | kashk

w o o d s | egg 

l a n d | lamb

g a r d e n | citrus  


c h e e s e 10

extra course 15

all prices include vat, exclude service charge.

please inform us if you have any allergies.